Small Town Store with Big City Appeal

Murray Aulie

Today’s Enterprise is not just a premier store hub for your needs but is largely the result of long years of dedication, discipline, and determination which stands in the front row of the business group. While starting our operations in merely a 1000 sq ft of building as a simple electronics and repair dealer we aimed to expand our operations to serve maximum people with the best deals. Followed by the strong work dedication and quality product delivery we witnessed two major expenses where we shifted our operations to the 9000 sq ft building which is full of various furniture, electronics, mattresses, and gifts, etc. today. Moreover, the company has an additional 6000 sq ft of the showroom where beautiful pieces of furniture and home décor items are showcased.

With the diversified product line and services we are able to meet the possible requirements of the local community so that they don’t have to travel out of town to embrace elegance. As a result of its extended wings, today this prestigious store serves across Brandon, Estevan, Regina, Alberta, and other cities.  The idea of staying grounded even during the soaring success period is what makes Today’s Enterprise the best store for TOMORROWS NEEDS.

Owner’s Message

Aulie says, “ He enjoys working as a businessman in a small community and helps all customers as a friend.“  In addition to this, he claims. “I can offer furniture, electronics, and other accessories at highly competitive prices compared to the cities. Moreover, I am right here so the customers do not even have to drive two hours to get their belongings.“